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    The compressed natural gas come from tube trailer with 25Mpa pressure. It connects the inlet point of equipment and the gas discharge to the booster unit. The boosting unit has two lines for gas supply. One line is directly connected to the low bank of dispenser. The other...Read More
  • LNG Vehicle Supply System
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    LNG Vehicle Supply System

    Our company has 29 kinds of cylinders, including 6 kinds of diameter series and covering the capacity from 150L to 995L, which can meet the requirements of various vehicles from the domestic and abroad clients.Read More
  • Speed Tank System
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    Speed Tank System

    Product charateristics Compact structure, easy to install and occupy the small space; Continuous gas supply, high efficiency; High purity of supplied gas; Combined with IC card system and remote control system(GPRS) to realize the security monitoring Technical specificationRead More
  • CNG Type 1 Cylinder For Vehicles
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    CNG Type 1 Cylinder For Vehicles

    This CNG cylinder conform to ISO 9809-1 standard with steel material, which has been widely used in CNG daughter station for gas storage. The working pressure is 250bar , test prssure375bar, volume from 100L to 150L.Read More
  • CNG Jumbo Tube Skid OD559mm 40ft
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    CNG Jumbo Tube Skid OD559mm 40ft

    With years of experiences, SRISEN ENERGY can support different solutions for gas transportation to customer. CNG and industrial gas tube trailer are suitable for transporting big amount of CNG or other industrial gas to places where gas pipe networks are not constructed .Read More
  • Natural Gas Liquefying Equipment
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    Natural Gas Liquefying Equipment

    Product info: Liquefaction plants based on natural gas/CBM/methane-rich gas such as shale gas as raw material, purification impurity components, pressure throttling and circulation heat cryogenic refrigeration, get high purity LNG. Depending on the user's requirements and...Read More
  • Pressure Regulating Unit
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    Pressure Regulating Unit

    CNG pressure regulator skid is a high differential pressure regulating device, firstly connecting with CNG vehicles by high-pressure rubber hose and quickly connector. Then CNG goes into the heater through the high pressure hose, ball valve, filter , cut-off valve and is...Read More
  • Online Compressor
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    Online Compressor

    We cooperate with world famous compressor manufacturer KNOX WESTERN and package in China. Provide qualified product and save cost for customer at the same time.Read More
  • Daughter Compressor
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    Daughter Compressor

    Motor:75 or 90KW Inlet Pressure:2.5-20 Mpa Outlet Pressure:25 Mpa RPM:1485RPM Average capacity:1650 or 1985Nm³/hRead More
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