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  • Pressure Regulating Unit

    Contact NowPressure Regulating UnitCNG pressure regulator skid is a high differential pressure regulating device, firstly connecting with CNG vehicles by high-pressure rubber hose and quickly connector. Then CNG goes into the heater through the high pressure hose, ball valve, filter , cut-off valve and is heated within the heater. The pressure of heated gas will be regulated to 1.0 ~ 4.0Mpa by pressure regulator. Thirdly, the secondary regulator will regulate the gas pressure to user’s requirements (if the outlet pressure is very low, then the third pressure regulating will be needed). CNG will be measured when passing by gas flowmeter and finally be input to middle pressure pipeline . Our production- CNG pressure reducing skid has a single and dual structure, flow up to 5000Nm3/h.Read More

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