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  • Natural Gas Liquefying Equipment

    Contact NowNatural Gas Liquefying EquipmentProduct info: Liquefaction plants based on natural gas/CBM/methane-rich gas such as shale gas as raw material, purification impurity components, pressure throttling and circulation heat cryogenic refrigeration, get high purity LNG. Depending on the user's requirements and the conditions of...Read More

  • Skid-mounted Flare Gas Recovery System (FGRS)

    Contact NowSkid-mounted Flare Gas Recovery System (FGRS)The skid-mounted Flare gas recovery system is applied to recover the flare of all kinds of oil & gas well or to recover the small gas well which contains more hydrocarbon such as C3 and above. This system utilized the cryogenic liquefaction and separation technology to purify, liquefy and separate the feed gas, and gets two products: dry gas and liquid hydrocarbon mixture. In which the dry NG can be sent to pipeline for long distance delivery or to be compressed as CNG, or liquefied into LNG to be delivered. The liquid mixed hydrocarbon can be sold to oil refinery as raw material.Read More

  • LNG Gasfication Equipment

    Contact NowLNG Gasfication EquipmentThe ambient air vaporizer is the equipment that uses the air natural convection to heat cryogenic liquid(liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid natural gas and liquid carbon dioxide), then which is vaporized to gaseous medium with approaching ambient temperature.Read More

  • Natural Gas Liquefaction Equipment

    Contact NowNatural Gas Liquefaction EquipmentSRISEN ENERGY’s LNG liquefaction system includes the measurement unit, sour gas removal unit, water and mercury removal unit, cold box unit, refrigerant compressor unit, pumping and storage system, power system and other auxiliary parts. The entire system has a great mobility, flexibility and...Read More

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