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Norwegian Oil Production The World's First Subsea Gas Compression Plant

Srisen Energy Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2015

China petrochemical news network, according to foreign media reports on September 19, Stavanger, Norway's national oil company and its partners recently in Norway asijiaerde oil and gas production of the sea was the world's first subsea gas compression facilities. The subsea compression facility during the period of asijiaerde the exploitation of oil and gas fields will be added to the total of about 306 million barrels of oil equivalent.

This submarine technology milestones will be in deep water areas and away from the coastal areas to open new opportunities.

Norwegian State oil is responsible for technology, drilling and project Executive Vice President Margareth Ovrum said: "this is aimed at improving oil recovery in one of the most demanding projects. We are very proud because we work with our partners and suppliers to achieve the program we started 10 years ago. ”

Ovrum said, the world's first subsea gas compression plant production will make asijiaerde midejiaerde reservoirs of oil and gas fields for oil recovery rate from 67% to 87% and Mikel reservoir for oil recovery rate from 59% to 84%.

Norwegian State oil's Senior Vice President responsible for asijiaerde oil and gas field operations Siri Espeda Kindem says: "since the new compressor solutions, we will improve the two reservoirs for oil recovery rate and to extend the term of exploitation of oil and gas fields until 2032. ”

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