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CNG Processing Equipment Reliable Seal

Srisen Energy Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

1, CNG Processing Equipment explosion-proof electrical equipment cable wiring device sealed reliable, free wiring hole seal.

2, the parts connected fastening, no loosening, no leakage.

3, grounding terminal contact is good, no loose, no broken, no corrosion, armored cable of the external burning steel belt without rupture.

4, add gas machine hose without cracking, add air gun without leakage.

1. CNG Processing Equipment Stabilize compressor pressure and temperature at all levels. Check the import and export gas pressure and temperature at all levels, adjust the supply and distribution of cooling water in time, avoid abnormal pressure changes and reduce various consumption.

2, add cooling water volume, control water temperature. Check daily on time to keep liquid level to overflow level.

3. Pay attention to running noise and keep good lubrication. CNG Processing Equipment Pay attention to the compressor moving parts have the same sound, check the compressor and other motor operating voltage, current, temperature rise condition to meet the process requirements to ensure that the operation is normal.

4, a variety of instruments, valves, safety accessories in good condition, valve switch normal.

5. Maintain a solid and reliable connection at all levels.

6, compressor operation in the event of abnormal conditions, CNG Processing Equipment should be shut down for maintenance and troubleshooting.

1. It is strictly prohibited to carry out the operation and thermal processing of sparks in the vicinity of the gas storage well.

2. The normal working pressure of the gas well should not exceed 25 MPa.

3, regularly check the gas storage facilities, such as leakage, displacement and other abnormal phenomena, found that the problem timely treatment.

4, pressure gauge, safety valve and other safe accessories work in good condition.

5, regular by hand to the storage gas wells for sewage, sewage pressure for $number MPa.

1, it is strictly prohibited to carry out the operation and hot processing work which may produce sparks near the gas storage bottle group.

2. The normal working pressure of the gas storage bottle should not exceed 25 MPa.

3, regularly check the cylinder valves, cylinder connection components and card sets, found leakage, plug timely treatment.

4, regularly check whether the storage cylinder bracket displacement, fixed cylinder bolts loose, lightning protection, anti-static facilities are connected to normal.

5. Regularly check whether the spray equipment is normal in the gas storage bottle group.

6, to ensure that the pressure gauge and safety valve state intact, no gas leakage frosting blockage phenomenon, check whether the emptying pipeline blockage or have any foreign bodies.

7, regular (every two years) to the gas storage bottle Group for inspection.

8, regular by hand to the gas storage bottle Group sewage, sewage pressure for $number MPa.

CNG Processing Equipment Safety Requirements for low pressure desulfurization

1, the daily operation must accurately control the tower desulfurization time and the opening of each valve.

2. The temperature meter indicates that the anomaly should be shut down immediately and troubleshoot.

3, regularly check the valve, safety valve, CNG Processing Equipment pressure gauge, the junction of the temperature meter leakage.

4, regular check emptying valve opening is normal, diffuse tube mouth there is no blockage.

5, the use of chemical regeneration desulfurization, must close the inlet and outlet valve, so as not to air into the gas pipeline, regeneration after the completion of the internal gas must be replaced.

6, after the regeneration of desulfurization according to the requirements of sewage.

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