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China's First Domestic Large-diameter Natural Gas Transmission Hose Operation

Srisen Energy Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2015

As of July 8, China's first domestic 12-inch-diameter hose cumulative delivery over 50 million cubic meters of natural gas. This made the successful commissioning of the hose cracked the first Oriental 1-1 in high temperature and high pressure gas field is a natural gas pipeline problem and promote the efficient development of the gas field.

Hose 9.7 km long, East 1-1 at 80 degrees Celsius, pressure 10 MPA at high temperature and high pressure gas transmission to near the gas field. Oriental 1-1 ODP was originally designed using 12-inch-diameter metal pipe as a pipeline, but in the pipeline of large pipe laying vessels laying, slow and expensive. Combination of factors, CNOOC-owned epitomy Pty decided to use 12-inch Chinese hose instead of a 12-inch pipe, save the project invested nearly 100 million Yuan. The success of this hose made, a strong boost to China's business technology upgrades.

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