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May natural gas production in China for the second consecutive month of decline

Source: | Updated: Oct 27, 2015

China petrochemical news, 11th in Beijing, according to official statistics published, amid expectations Beijing announced another cut in the next few months to boost slowing demand May decline in natural gas production over the same period last year, China had 2%, which is China's natural gas output declined for the second month in a row.

In April, China's natural gas output fell 2.9% to 9.4 billion cubic meters, and April natural gas production is the lowest level since July 2014. This decline in production is very rare.

China May produced 9.9 billion cubic meters of natural gas daily output of slightly over April. The Bureau said, China's first 5 months of this year production rose 2.1% to 53.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

First 5 months of this year, China consumed 62.9 billion cubic meters of natural gas over the same period last year increased by only 2.4%.

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